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iAdverTUBE connects creators and corporate buyers through VIDEO. Think of it as the on-line Trade show, where creators pitch their products (and their companies) in full video, making it easy for buyers to see and understand the nature of the product, and what kind of company they are dealing with.

For Creators

Help us to get to know you so that we can connect you to that perfect market for your products.
iAdverTUBE shows you how to create a video that really shows off the value of your products.
iAdverTUBE's virtual exhibition environment makes it easy for re-sellers worldwide to find relevant products for their distribution, retail or virtual retail business.
Businesses who are truly motivated to carry your products arrive at your website ready to do business, not just kick the tires!

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For Distributors

Tell us who you are...and what kinds of products, terms, industry and customers you are looking for. We'll connect you to many of the most innovative new products around the globe that are relevant to YOUR business.
When notified of a new product through an AdverLERT or as you need something new to sell, visit iAdverTUBE.
1-2 minutes standard video designed for you ~ a distributor/retailer. Each video pitch is designed and formatted to be easily and quickly viewed, with just the information you need to make a decision.

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  • 1 Corporate video
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