DL Copper Art: A Unique twist to Craftmanship

We are excited to highlight a local art business called DL Copper Art. Dones, a master of his craft, employs three distinct techniques—fumed copper, metals and enamels, and mixed media—to breathe life into unique pieces that are nothing short of extraordinary. He invites us into a world where science and art converge to create pieces that are not only visually striking but also tell a story of the transformative power of chemistry. Owning a piece from the Javier T Dones Collection is not just possessing a work of art; it means owning a fragment of nature but also securing a work of art that exists nowhere else in the world.

What’s unique about these techniques?
Fumed copper: Each signature piece begins as a raw canvas—a piece of copper subjected to a meticulously orchestrated chemical process. This transformative alchemy coaxes forth the copper's distinctive patina, an intricate dance of colors that reflects the very essence of nature.

Metals and enamels: The result is a harmonious symphony of textures and colorations, a visual journey through controlled chemical reactions. These reactions, frozen in time on their support media, give birth to pieces of absolute beauty and unwavering quality.

Mixed media: Here, chemistry serves as both a sculptor and binder, forging metals and seamlessly binding diverse materials together in an endless cascade of combinations.

Learn more about his art through his website: https://www.dlcopperart.com/

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